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“All products are regularly tested to applicable standards”
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  • Perry 800 - turf

    Perry 800 - turf

    Turf Product used on Golf Courses, Sports fields and Drainage.Plasterers sand and fits NZS Spec.

    Density: 1.30 tonnes per m3
  • Perry 3000

    Perry 3000

    Concrete Sand: Specified as paving sand and popular in Kindergarten sandpits

    Density: 1.30 tonnes per m3
  • Perry 4000

    Perry 4000

    Ports field Drainage sand. Concrete Products.

    Density: 1.30 tonnes per m3
  • Pit sand

    Pit sand

    House Foundations, Stabilizing material for roadways, Fill

  • Bedding Sand

    Bedding Sand

    Clean sand unprocessed for use around pipes and electrical cables

    Density: 1:1 tonnes per m3
  • Amended Sand

    Amended Sand

    Wide range of products using both organic and synthetic fertilizers and composts.

    Density: various
  • Pumice 5mm

    Pumice 5mm

    Lightweight Blends, Horticulture - Propagation, Concrete

    Density: 0.9
  • Pumice: Block makers mix

    Pumice: Block makers mix

    Concrete block making

    Density: 0.8
  • Topsoil screened

    Topsoil screened

    Lawns - Sports Fields - Blends

    Density: 1:1
  • Waikato Gold 3/8mm

    Waikato Gold 3/8mm

    Gardens - Pathways and Drainage

    Density: 1.35 tonnes per m3
  • Waikato Gold 8/60

    Waikato Gold 8/60

    Gardens and Decorative Landscaping Drainage metal

    Density: 1.42 tonnes per m3
  • Gap 20

    Gap 20

    Used for sub-base material under driveways, roads, and subdivisions

    Density: 1.80 tonnes per m3
  • Builders Mix (PA)

    Builders Mix (PA)

    Builders Mix used in concrete

    Density: 1.6 tonnes per m3
  • Clean fill (not public)

    Clean fill only (not open to public)